Workshops for Consenting Adults

Workshop for adults 

  • Passion Circle – An evening of laughter and honesty, igniting the higher potential of your own personal pleasure, celebrating womanhood and loving oneself.  Topics discussed: Highlights and obstacles of female orgasm and masturbation, tips and techniques, and honest discussion of Womanhood. Audience: Mostly for cis-females, all sexual orientations.
  • BDSM 101 –Sexual pleasure comes in all shades of latex and leather. BDSM is not only about pain, but more about submission and domination of body and mind, stretching the boundaries of foreplay and completely giving in. In this active workshop you will get a sense of your own limits while playing with fun toys. You will also be able to ask all the blushing-inducing questions and get great information, such as: What are the two most favorite activities BDSM women like to do with each other? Topics Discussed: Sexual arousal, Fantasies, SSC, Setting a Scene, Top/Bottom, Safe Word, Rope Safety, Submission and Control, and the difference between sexual assault and BDSM play. Audience: Different workshops offered – for women only (cis and queer/trans* alike), for mixed genders, for singles or partner(s) oriented.
  • We all can FUCK –  Rethinking Functional Diversity and the various way to have sex, with or without a disability.
  • Dealing with Jealousy – In particluar geared towards non-monogomy and polyamory relationships, with the use of an emotional bank account, forethcoming conversation, and a lot of support.
  • The Zen of Sex – Exploring the potential of deep intimacy in the cross space of Sexuality and Spirituality. A journey of relaxation, meditation, honest conversations and uplifting moments.
  • Layers of Identity – Each of us has many ways in which we can identify ourselves.  Some identities are visible, while others are hidden; some may be empowering while others can be debilitating. When our identities are marginalized in society, do we speak out or remain silent? Do our identities provide us with connectivity or separateness, challenges or strengths? In this workshop, we will explore layers of identity, creating a unique image of self, while focusing on issues of gender, orientation, functional diversity, race and more.  
  • Sex at Home –  Any workshop can be transformed to an intimate gathering between friends in your home that are willing and wanting to explore topics in sexuality in a most wonderful way.