Programs for College

YOU GOT CHOICES is a platform that brings choice education and tools of empowerment to individuals and various social circles with the intent to promote ethical relationships, pleasure, and positive well-being.

YOU GOT CHOICES on college campus brings relevant education for millennials who are emerging as adults in these changing times. This is a need-based program, exposing participants to reliable information aimed to create a safe and consensual campus environment. LGTBQIA+/poly/kink- friendly, knowledgeable and inclusive.

YOU GOT CHOICES presents on a variety of topics in sexuality: sexual/gender identity and orientation, safer sex practices, ethical non-monogamy, BDSM, kink, feminine empowerment, healthy and safe relationships, effective communication, female orgasm, sexuality and functional diversity.


Let’s talk about sex- Participants will explore sexual matters, which matters most to them but may be hard to discuss. Through lively and honest discussions, role plays and dynamic activities, participants will reassess attitudes that may need to change in order to promote safe campuses for all students and empower their ability make ethical choices. Safer sex practices for all are discussed.

Alphabet Soup – The latest acronym in the rainbow of identities and orientations is LGBTQIAAPP2S+. With all these colorful letters, one may get lost in the search for self-identity and social connectedness. This dynamic and creative workshop provides an opportunity to ask questions and discuss real issues regarding campus life through the lenses of the rainbow.

The Passion Circle – In a patriarchal society like ours, women are still battling for equality, safety and respect. This Listening Circle is an opportunity for women, of all faiths, races, cultures, functional diversity, gender expression and sexual orientation, to come together in spiritual harmony and find strength in liberation. This is particular powerful for young women in college to promote safe spaces and develop a strong sense of self.

Normal Deviancy – YouGov came out with a recent report that only 51 percent of people under 30 years old consider their ideal relationship as completely monogamous, illustrating that many millennials desire non-monogamous relationships. But do they know how? This workshop provides a much-needed safe space to destigmatize the non-monogamy option, while providing crucial life-skills for effective communication between partners.

BDSM 101 – After the book 50 Shades of Grey took the country by storm, BDSM has come out of the closet. However, are students putting themselves in harm ways or are they adept at making ethical and safe choices? This workshop explores the difference between advanced sexual play and sexual assault while providing participants skills to communicate about safe sex, consent and sexuality/body awareness.


  • All workshops are designed to be dynamic and fun. With the use of lectures, discussions, interactive activities, multi-media, role play and Q&A session, sex is seriously discussed to make you laugh.
  • The program adapts to the students’ various backgrounds and experiences in regard to access to reliable sources on sexuality and provides knowledge aimed to promote safe-sex practices, both for the sexually active and the abstainer.
  • All programs can be suitable for small groups of 8-20 participants (which provide greater intimacy, emotional support and opportunities for discussion) or large groups (which provide more anonymity, are cost-efficient and reach a larger student body).
  • The workshops can be adapted for training purposes geared towards peer educators, such as residential assistants and other student leaders, who might pass the information onward within their social circles, thus creating lasting and effective change.
  • Topics can be explored within one workshop or through a process-orientated, multiple session program.
  • Events are suitable for club socials, sorority mixers, freshman orientation, dorms, special interest events, and more. It is recommended that you join forces with various groups to cover budget costs and reach more participants.
  • Budget consideration may vary. Contact Shanna for program planning and to receive a quote.


STEP ONE – Discuss within your group the possibilities of bringing You Got Choices to your college campus. Get excited about the opportunity to discuss real issue and enhance safe spaces.

STEP TWO – Call or contact me to ask specific questions regarding your campus’ needs and what You Got Choices can do for you. Explore tentative dates that will be reserved for your campus.

STEP THREE – Check back with your network regarding budget consideration, available space, dates, public relation idea and other consideration that would make this program a success.

STEP FOUR – Communicate back to me and receive a contract (or send me yours), get it signed by the appropriate people, and send a deposit to secure your date. Don’t forget to reserve your room!

STEP FIVE – Fill out and return pre-event questionnaire, helping make this event a success.

STEP SIX – Advertise in your college, get the buzz on. You Got Choices can provide promotional aids.

STEP SEVEN – It’s Sexy Time!