Education for youth and staff

Sexual Education for children, youth and the adults in their lives:

  • Good Touch, Bad Touch (age 3-5) –  Utlilizing tools and pictures developed by Shanna and “Hasicha” the workshop explores body language, communication, safe words and actions in order to teach young children about safety and respect. This could be directed to the children in pre-school or as a train-the-trainer workshop. In addition, this workshop is very suitable for special needs population.
  • What is happening to my body? (middle-school, pre-adolescent) –  A series of 8 sessions that covers a wide range of topics, from physiological, psychological, emotional, cognitive and social changes in their lives. This series come with a FREE workshop for teachers or parents in order to complete the circle of education.
  • OMG! LOL! (high school) –  A series of 6-8 sessions that covered a wide range of topics that are suitable for your teens. Topics are chosen by staff as well as consulted with the teens themselves and may cover such challenging issues a:s intimate relations, parental strife, pornography, safe sex practices, abstinence, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and more.
  • What Now? (transition to college) – Many questions and channleges arise as teens transition to college life, leaving their adolescence behind and opening new doorways to young adulthood in a new environment. This workshops, presented as a lecture, a dynamic workshop or a series of explorations, brings to the forefront of conversation topics that are crucuial for the safety of our teens living on campus. Topics may include: Consent vs. Pleasure, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, Bystander Empowerment, Safe Sex Practices, and more.
  • Let’s talk about Sex[ual health] (staff training) – Skillful and knowledgeable adults can provide positive opportunities for youth. Our ability to talk with youth openly and honestly about sexual health matters is of utmost importance, especially since LGTBQIA+ individuals do not have equal access to information specifically geared towards them. To do so, educators and staff should reassess attitudes and values towards sexual health matters in order to pass on appropriate information.  In this workshop, which could range from 1-3 meeting session, participants will explore issues that may be hard to discuss, will reassess attitudes that may need change, and will gain insight and resources that will empower their ability to discuss these hard topics.