The Birth of YGC

When I was 21, in the passing of the Millennium, I left the land of my childhood, the land of Israel, and wandered back to my birth country, the United States.

I replaced the white stones of Jerusalem’s with the red bricks of Boston, where I lived for ten years. As normativity goes, I earned my degrees, met my partner for life, got married and brought twins into the world.

I attended Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, and earned a B.S. and then and M.Ed. in special education. During my time in the college, I enjoyed vast and broad-minded experiences. Lesley back then was a women-only college, with a powerful human rights focus that still remains today. I undertook a variety of training, volunteer opportunities, and leadership roles, and received insurmountable advice and guidance. I grew professionally and personally and created myself anew, a theme that would follow me for many years to come.  

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