Since I value client confidentiality, all references are kept anonymous, and I only indicate which workshop they attended. Professional letters of reference and current contacts for references are available upon request.

Layers of Identity

“Continue doing what you do! You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate your intelligence”

“Very enlightening. Good atmosphere. Informative and Upbeat.”

“SO SO inclusive, in such a casual way. I feel safe”

The Still Mind

“The workshop was very calming. Well prepared session that I got a lot out of”

“I liked that she did not judge what anybody said”

“I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises! If she had a CD of her mindfulness guidance I would buy it :)”

“She had a calm feeling/voice. No judgement, many different activities and great use of time. I have no suggestions for improvements!”

“I liked that I had a chance to be still and check in with my body. Great job of creating a non-judgmental space. I would have like more hands-on opportunities and less explanation, but know we had limited time”

We Are Able

“I like the structured session, yet she asked audience participation and provided space for it”

“The presenter was very open and able to facilitate all learning abilities”

“I liked the intro activities where some folks took on different functionality”

“She made a significant effort to accommodate everyone’s needs”

“She was willing to hear all feedback and opinions”

“I liked that we were able to share our needs, disabilities and advocate for others”

Passion Circle – for women

“Thank you for the openness. The openness of consciousness, and the openness of the heart. Thank you for the safe space”

“I came to light up something that has been dark and shut for a long time. I didn’t think I could experience this level of awakening in four hours. Thank you so much”

“From the very start there was a feeling that the space was really, but really, safe. It was safe to share everything freely, and safe to converse freely. And so it was. The workshop was colorful and touched me deeply. I took from it not only lessons on my sexuality, but my personal life as well. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a magical evening. I enjoyed it immensely. You renewed things for me, like the foundations of the passion circle, and just other stuff as well”

“You are very accurate, genuine, and strong. The communication was precise and easy to understand. It is exciting to think of all the folks that were fortunate to know, hear, and experience you.”

“For an introduction workshop, a women circle, in which the candle in the center really infused intimacy among participants, it was truly magical.

“I earned a lot of invaluable knowledge!” – age 27

“Thank you Shanna for a fascinating, enriching, and teachable experience. The curiosity just keeps on growing.”

“Thank you Shanna. I am so glad I came. You are just wonderful”

“Thank you. Just on your openness I want to say Thank you. I never met anyone that can speak so openly on the topics of sex and sexuality. I will see you again!”

“Thank you for such a warm experience, with energy of disconnectedness and a bound between women. The topics of feminine sexuality and choice are so important and it is wonderful that you help women connect to their sexuality and awareness that is comforting to them. Again, thank you deeply”

“Thank you for the openness, honesty, knowledge and experience. Now I know there is a teacher, tools, and possibilities. Now I have logical hope. Thank you”

“It was a magical and comforting atmosphere. The group dynamics were good. It peeked my curiosity and was a good flow. The session made me think. It felt professional and you showed professionalism. I was impressed and surprised. It was beyond my expectation (and I came with little motivation). I really enjoyed my time”

“I liked the topic of the session and the opportunity to meet other women in an unassuming way. There is something new and refreshing in the topic of the workshop, and the experiential part was comforting and supportive” – Age 56

“Thank you for the wonderful experience. It gave me an extra push to learn new things about myself and to accept myself. I would like to hear about more workshops about female sexuality and also ones that I can bring my partner to. With great love…”

“It was charming and interesting with a focus on women with various life experiences. Thank you!”

“To the lovely Shanna! Thank you for a breathtaking workshop, that released my creativity, passion and craving. You made me feel that I want to just be myself and love myself for who I am. Thank you!” – age 44

Passion Circle – for heterosexual men

“It was wonderful. There were many moment of sudden realizations. It was releasing. Thank you for the depth and the sensitivity on such a delicate topic” – age 39

“Thank you dear Shanna. This was an invaluable and interesting workshop. The conversations were important”

“I enjoyed the way you facilitated the group. You held the space and encompassed all of us in a pure, genuine, and permissible way. The openness and the simpleness in which you spoke on such a loaded topic allowed us to touch it and talk about it in a relatively free and open manner. Way to go 🙂 This circle and this work with me is one of the most important work to do in our times. Thank you and good luck. Much love to you”

“It was fascinating and it is important to spread the word”

BDSM 101

“It was fun to see the openness of the other participants and the loving conversations. The space felt safe, not just for sharing but also for play”

“Shanna, you created a loving and safe space for newbies and experienced alike. The topic was fascinating and the flow of the evening allowed us to break down barriers that time set forth. This is evidence that you truly on in the right space, I saw and felt how connected you are to what you do and how much you love doing it”

“Thank you for creating a safe space. Before I came I thought the workshop will only give me some directions, but it was so safe I was able to open up and truly experience.  I still have not fully emerged from the space 🙂 It was an amazing experience and I am sure it will stay with me for a long time. Thank you!”

“It was a stunning experience! The sharing were fabulous, amazing space with other women, the experience was nice and the toys were fun”

“Dearest Shanna, I was very afraid of coming. The talk and descriptions on Facebook felt foreign from my world, but, your talk about femininity and the possibility of awakening something inside of me made me come. And truthfully, I must say, that you touched deep places within my body and mind, in such a gentle and genuine way that I feel that you opened up a gate to a new world that I will surely continue to explore in the way that is right for me”

“It was magical and calm. You are very attentive and encourage participation. it was fun to discover more things about BDSM and I would like to come to more workshops with you”

“Thank you. You organized my thoughts. You helped me connect to the subject even though I had doubts. I was able to see the good within this world. The atmosphere was wonderful, lots of respect and openness to talk and share, with professional knowledge and important tips. You facilitated a wonderful evening and the other women were fabulous! It is easy to see that you truly know the topic with all of its complexities.

Workshop with Teens

“It was nice to talk about myself. I would have liked even more sessions” – age 16

“It gave me confidence even though I was ashamed to talk. I wouldn’t change anything. Thank you for everything” – Age 17

“It was very useful. I learned new and interesting stuff. I would have like more sessions”

“It was nice to be able to talk to my peers without holding back secrets. I really enjoyed myself”

“It was really helpful to talk about condoms and contraception pills. The sessions were nice”

“I learned new information about sexuality. It was fun and useful”

“The sessions gave me information that will be helpful to prevent problems. It was a bit stressful to ask questions but the information was super important”

Polyamory and Non-Monogamy  

“Thank you for the opportunity to talk and the space to just be. Very important”

“It was a wonderful workshop. You are wonderful and your openness is awe inspiring. I would love to have an in-depth polygamous workshop with you, together with my partners”

“The openness around the circle was amazing. It was a fun evening”

“I loved your narrative, the movement between identities as a life story and not as a stable category”

“Commendable. You are amazing”

“Awesome workshop. It is fun that people open up and talk about themselves. You facilitation is spot on”

“You create an intimate space that successfully encourages openness and sharing. Your readiness to be open and honest with your story from the very beginning encourages us to be open as well. I learned so much! From you and from the circle, and from the atmosphere that we created together. Thank you so much”