Shanna believes that sexual health reflects self-acceptance and is the gateway to fulfill your potential in various parts in our lives. Healthy relationships and sexual health are important parts of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive well-being. Unfortunately, many people are not satisfied with or are unsafe when it comes to intimate relationships and sexuality expressions.

Shanna offers to individuals or relationship systems a non-therapeutic approach through an empowering consultation process. This process is focused on improving sexual awareness as part of the personal and social paradigm and to overcome current challenges. It is a process accomplished together, as we move towards clear objectives. During the process we focus on:

  • The acquisition of reliable knowledge about sex and sexuality,
  • Building positive self-esteem,
  • Mapping personal desires,
  • Appraising boundaries and limitations,
  • Working on building stronger relationships.

Shanna can help in a variety of topics:

  • Difficulties with orgasm and pleasure,
  • Decreased sexual desire,
  • Contraception choices,
  • Sex safe practices,
  • Sexual orientation,
  • Gender identity and expression,
  • Non-monogamy, Polyamory and other forms of relationships,
  • Jealousy and relationship strife,
  • BDSM and other kinks,
  • Pornography and its impact on your sex life,
  • Sexual and relationship communication,
  • Sexual discourse within the family system

It is always important to discern a match between a person and their therapist; therefore, please use the form below and contact me to schedule a brief phone call and determine compatibility.